Nice, fast and intuitive.

A 2D Cad/Cam designed for simple machining operation.

ECAM is a programming system for CNC lathes and machining centers.

He combines features of CAD / CAM systems with typical features of conversational programming.

It is not necessary experience with CAD systems to use this software.

What You Can Do

  • 2D Milling Machining
    • Face Milling
    • Contouring
    • Pocketing
    • Thread Mill
    • Engraving (Single Line Font, True Type Font or selected geometry)
    • Profile Cutting
    • Drilling
  • Turning Machining
    • Face Turning
    • Extern/Intern Turning
    • Extern/Intern Grooving
    • Drilling
    • Threading
    • Cut

What You Can't Do

  • 4-5 Axes milling
  • 3D Milling
  • HSM Cycles
  • Import / Export 3D file format
  • Artistic Stuff
  • Toolpath collision detection
  • Spline Support


Follow step by step this short tutorial to start work with eCam.

Click left or right arrow to scroll the tutorial.

Cheat Sheet

A list of miscellaneous tips for use.

  • [LMB] = Left Mouse Button
  • [RMB] = Right Mouse Button
  • [MMB] = Middle Mouse Button
  • To [ROTATE] the view keep pressed [MMB]
  • To [PAN] the view hold [CTRL] key and keep pressed [MMB]
  • To provide a feedback to the user , the 3D solid is modeled during the process of creation of the program.This solid is used only as a reference, it is not thought of as the actual outcome of the final work, nor do is used to detect collisions.
  • When a toolpath is not generated, because of an error, to get an advice on what is wrong, go with the cursor over the red cross in the operation tree.
  • If you set a negative value in any chamfer field , a fillet will be created

3D Viewer Toolbar

  • Zoom Window
  • Zoom To Fit
  • Pan
  • Rotate
  • ISO View ( based on active plane )
  • 2D View ( based on active plane ). I recommend using this view when you are defining geometry.

Home Toolbar

  • Move DOWN the selected operation
  • Move UP the selected operation
  • Sort the operation list. Sorts the operations according to machining criteria, for example, it move finishing operation before the roughing operation and so on.
  • Clone the selected operation
  • Delete the selected operation
  • Show the operation detail in the grid (station number, feed, speed)

CAD Editor

If you do not want to draw or you have already created profiles on Cad file, with eCAM you can import 2D geometry directly from DWG and DXF files.

After importing the geometry, you can apply modifiers for the translation, rotation and scale.

To simplify the drawing there is a system of snap, that allows tracing with other points already present in the drawing.

See the image on the side to better understand the concept

While drawing , holding down the [CTRL] key activate the angular snap, instead holding down the [SHIFT] key activate the grid snap.

To do trim, just select the command, click on a part where there is nothing, hold down the mouse button, and go on all the entities that you want to trim.

To draw , the first sketch the profile shape. Then use the command Smart Dimension and available constraints to define the profile accurately.

Lathe Sample Video

Cnc programming system for easy and fast g-code generation

Milling Sample Video

2D cad cam for simple component part

Drilling Sample Video

This CNC programming system support all the drilling canned cycles available in cnc machine.

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Edition Lathe Mill Complete
Import from DXF/DWG
Basic CAD Editor
Toolpath Backplotting
G-Code Customization
Fast Shapes
Tools Library
Machining Time Calculation
Thread List Table
RS232 Communication
G-Code regeneration after any edit
3D Stock Preview
Engraving Operation
Single Line or True Type Fonts
Profile Cutting Operation
Holding Tabs ( Manual and Auto )
Face Turning
Extern / Intern Turning
Extern / Intern / Face Grooving
Extern / Intern / Threading
Center Drilling
Compensate by insert plunge angle
Face Milling
Side Milling
Chamfering Operation
Trochoidal roughing for center line

When you need to create some g-code for a simple part like the one aside, you have basically have two option :

1) Generate it from a CAD/CAM


2) Create G-Code manually

Both of this methods have their pro and cons, with ECAM you can get the best of this 2 approaches.

Download 14 days full working demo

Run on : Win7 , Win8, Win8.1 , Win10

A word of caution :

This is a relatively new software . Thanks to users feedback it's becoming more stable. But new bugs can be created at every release.

Every machine can interpreter the same g-code in different way.

You need to understand clearly the meaning of the generate g-code and your responsibility check the compatibilty with your machine.

Make some dry-run test before start cutting real material, check the generate g-code step by step.